Trade unions

Since the beginning of Israel‘s occupation of Palestine, the repression of its people is worse than ever. The Israeli government refuses to recognise the homes of Palestinians as private property, subjecting them to demolition orders at any time and leaving their occupants homeless.

The movement of the Palestinian population in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is strictly controlled and severely limited, while the theft of Palestinian land to build settlements for Israeli citizens continues unchecked.

This must end. The Palestinians have a right to live with dignity, free from occupation.

To coincide with the call for a Global Day of Action on 30 March 2010, made by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is pleased to launch a campaign in partnership with the TUC which aims to end the sale of settlement produce in Britain.

The British government has recognised that the settlements are illegal and an obstacle to peace. Yet produce from Palestine's stolen land - fruits, herbs, beauty products, DIY tools - are being sold in our supermarkets and shops, helping to economically sustain the settlements and strengthening the occupation.

See the Trade unions page on the PSC website for useful resources to support this joint PSC and TUC campaign.

In July 2010 two representatives of Tyne and Wear PSC met with Kevin Rowan, regional secretary of the TUC (Northern Region), to plan our joint campaign for the region. This will involve Northern Region TUC circulating information about PSC and our activities to union representatives across the North East, and encouraging union branches to affiliate to the campaign.

Contact Mick Bowman, Tyne and Wear PSC's trade union liaison officer, if you want more information or to invite a PSC speaker to a union meeting: